Collection: Wooden Headboards

Many elements in a bed count towards its final appearance and one of them is the headboard. These are available in a large variety, including wooden and upholstered headboards. Some prefer the cushioned and padded appearance of the chesterfield upholstery, while others find the natural look of wood more appealing. Headboards can be wall-mounted, free-standing, or attached to your bed. Our wooden headboards are available in several types, including Sandra, Jordan, Shaker, and Orlando. They are available in standard sizes, including our King Size Wood Headboard. Each variety has a unique design and aesthetic appeal and is available in matching sizes for your beds. The Sandra is a hardwood headboard with several wooden spindles inside a squared frame. The design gives a classic feel and will enhance your bedroom's decor. You can choose from various wood finishes, including beech, walnut, or white deco. The Sandra headboard is available in 3Ft, 4Ft, 4ft6, and 5ft sizes. The 5Ft size is a King Size Wood Headboard and looks astounding. The Jordon headboard is available in a white deco finish and has a somewhat similar design to Sandra, with the difference that the square frame has been replaced with a curved one. The available sizes of the Jordan headboard are 2Ft6, 3Ft, 4Ft, 4Ft6, and 5Ft. The Shaker headboard has been crafted from premium quality Scandinavian pine wood and features a minimalistic shaker design with flat wooden spindles fixed inside a rectangular frame. The Orlando headboard has also been crafted from pine wood and has a simple traditional design that includes a wooden board exposing the wood grain and giving it a natural look. The wood grain looks even more prominent in the King Size Wood Headboard. Both the Orlando and Shaker headboards are available in standard sizes, including 2Ft6, 3Ft, 4Ft, 4Ft6, and 5Ft. All our headboards have been crafted from premium wood to ensure durability and a long life span. You can match these headboards with your existing beds and make them look new again. Just ensure that you get the measurements right. Our headboards can be easily fitted to your beds, and we will guide you if you need help fitting them. Choose from the minimalistic Orlando headboard or create a traditional look with the shaker headboard. Give a more classy look to your bedroom with our white deco Sandra headboard, or add some curves to your bed by installing the Jordan headboard. The choices are just endless with our beautifully crafted and sturdy headboards. Book your desired headboard, and get it delivered to your home, or you can pick it up from our store. Please note that it usually takes five days to prepare your desired headboard.